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HarcourtsOne March 2017

What's New In HarcourtsOne and Office/Personal Websites March 2017




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New Zealand / America/Canada







Social Media Sharing Images - we have made a change so that when a page on your office or personal website is shared it will use an image from within the page rather than the website background image. This is to try and drive higher engagement/click through rates as the image that will be displayed in social media news feeds will be more relevant to the page that is being shared.

If a link is posted directly onto a platform like Facebook (not using the share button on the website) it will give multiple options for you to choose which image you would like to use in the post. The hierarchy of which images will display first are images from the Content Widget, Listing View Widget, Feature Property Widget, Feature Banner Widget then the Background image.



Please watch this video for more information and to see how this works:








Commercial Property Type (Industrial Land) - we have added a new Property Type of 'Industrial Land' for 'Commercial For Sale' and 'Commercial For Lease' Listing Types. When 'Industrial Land' is selected, listings will feed through to Realestate.co.nz & TradeMe and be searchable under their Industrial Land Property Types.


Industrial Land Property Type


TradeMe Super Feature - we have re-enabled the TradeMe Super Feature option. On the Publishing Tab when Adding/Editing a Listing and 'Make 'Feature' On Trade Me' is ticked you will then see another option of 'Make 'Super Feature' On TradeMe'.


TradeMe Super Feature


TradeMe Open Homes - if 'Publish Address On Public Websites' is UNTICKED, meaning no address information is to be displayed, TradeMe will no longer receive or display Open Home details.


The reasoning behind this is TradeMe can't send people to an Open Home if there is no address to tell them where to go. *Without this change, listings that don't show address details but have open home details would return an error and would not be displayed on TradeMe.









Saved Searches – visitors who are signed into a Harcourts office, personal or main country website will now be able to save their search as a favorite.

Saved Searches