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HarcourtsOne August 2016

What's New In HarcourtsOne August 2016


Responsive Websites – Harcourts - (NZ, AUS, ID, ZA, USA, CA), Landmark Harcourts, NAI Harcourts (NZ, AUS) and Luxury Property Selection (LPS will happen on 29th August) websites are now fully responsive/mobile friendly. The websites will respond/change depending on the layout of the device and the size of the screen so that it is as easy as possible for visitors to navigate.

Harcourts Responsive Public Websites

Team Member Images
– When uploading team member images under the HarcourtsOne settings, if the dimensions aren’t right it will display a warning message (see image for ideal dimensions). If an image with the wrong dimensions is uploaded it can cause it to be blurry on websites.

HarcourtsOne Team Member Photo Warning


REINZ eForms Link Change – the link has been updated to the new one for REINZ eForms which shows on the Listing View Page.

REINZ eForms Link Update

Social Media Links – Harcourts NZ Social Media links have been added to the footer of Harcourts.co.nz.

Harcourts NZ Social Media Footer Links


Private Property Feed – The Private Property feed has been updated so that Auction and Commercial properties can now export and display on privateproperty.co.za.
Please Note: We have set the default to Do Not Use. This means that if you want your current Auction or Commercial properties to export, you need to go into Edit Listing / Publishing Tab / down the bottom change the Listing Export to Use Export.

Private Property Listing Export Status


The Real Estate Digital (RED) feed to HarcourtsOne, Harcourtsusa.com and Office/Personal Websites has been replaced with a feed from iHomeFinder. We believe the iHomeFinder feed is more accurate and will help fix the issues you might have seen in the past.
A few other things to be aware of with this change:
  1. Only Harcourts listings will now feed and show in HarcourtsOne. This should see listings import, show in email marketing and show on our Harcourts websites much faster than before.
  2. You will only be able to do buyer matches on Harcourts listings.
  3. You will only be able to send Harcourts listings via email marketing.
  4. ALL listings will show on Harcourtsusa.com and you have the option to show All Listings, All Harcourts, My Office Properties or My Properties on Office/Personal websites.

To ensure your listings feed into HarcourtsOne and the websites correctly against your name, please ensure you have your MLS Agent code/s entered correctly against your profile/settings in HarcourtsOne.

MLS ID Example
In order to comply with MLS Rules, we have also made a change in the way you search to prevent co-mingling of MLS Listings. This means that when anyone searches a Harcourts website they must now search by City, Street, MLS ID or Zip Code. You can no longer search by State or County as this can bring up listings under multiple MLS's.
As a part of this we have introduced auto-predictive search so when you start typing in the City, Street, MLS #, Zip Code box it will automatically start searching for Cities, Street Addresses, MLS ID's and Zip Codes that match listings on the website.

Websites Search Change
Auto Predictive Search