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HarcourtsOne Integration with MailChimp

Everything you need to know about HarcourtsOne integrating with MailChimp

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Introduction to the HarcourtsOne MailChimp Integration:

MailChimp is an alternative email marketing solution to HarcourtsOne's Email Marketing. MailChimp boasts features such as:

  • Creating custom email marketing campaigns
  • Anti-spam filters so your email reaches more recipients
  • The ability to schedule emails
  • Reports and data insights

Harcourts team members are already using MailChimp for their client mailouts as an alternative to our HarcourtsOne Email Marketing system.  We are now pleased to be able to offer you the following integration from HarcourtsOne:

A link to MailChimp on the email marketing page of HarcourtsOne as an alternative option to Harcourts’ own email marketing system. Watch this video to see how to connect HarcourtsOne to MailChimp:

Watch this video on how to export your Contacts that are in Groups from HarcourtsOne into MailChimp:

Add Harcourts, NAI Harcourts or Landmark Harcourts Headers/Banners, Footers, Property Snippets/Blocks and Signatures to your MailChimp email campaigns. We have made all of the banners that are currently in HarcourtsOne Email Marketing available for you to download by clicking on your appropriate country: Australia / New Zealand / Fiji / South Africa / Indonesia / America. Watch this video on how to copy & paste the HTML from HarcourtsOne to MailChimp, how to build an email marketing template in MailChimp and how to send out a campaign:

Once you have created an account in MailChimp you will have access to their extensive Knowledge Base which includes video tutorials, manuals and step by step guides if you run into any trouble.

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions below that we suggest you read to ensure you fully understand the HarcourtsOne integration with MailChimp.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q: Do we have to use MailChimp or can we still use HarcourtsOne?
A: You are welcome to use either MailChimp or HarcourtsOne email marketing. We are just offering an alternative.

Q: Why should I use MailChimp?
A: Please visit the MailChimp Features page for information on what MailChimp can do to work out if it’s right for you.

Q: What is Harcourts offering by way of integration with MailChimp?
A: You will have the ability to:
  • Export your HarcourtsOne Contacts that are in Groups into MailChimp Lists.
  • Insert property snippets / blocks into your MailChimp email campaigns. 
  • Add a Harcourts, NAI Harcourts or Landmark Harcourts Headers, Footers and Signatures to your MailChimp email campaigns.
Q: Do my contacts automatically export from H1 to MailChimp?
A: Contacts are only exported if they are part of a group which is set to export to a list in Mailchimp. You need to set the export up manually, see the above training videos on how to do this.

Q: Can I have multiple Groups in HarcourtsOne export to one list in MailChimp?
A: Yes you can have up to 10 HarcourtsOne Groups export to the same list in MailChimp.

Q: Can I send email templates that are currently in HarcourtsOne through MailChimp?
A: Unfortunately no you cannot push a template from HarcourtsOne to MailChimp, however, you can create the same or similar template in MailChimp and then send it out.

Q: Can I use the same banners that are in HarcourtsOne in MailChimp?
A: Yes, we have made a number of the banners that are available in HarcourtsOne Email Marketing for you to download to then be used in MailChimp. To access the banners relevant to you please click on your country: Australia / New Zealand / Fiji / South Africa / Indonesia / America.

Q: Will H1 automatically update MailChimp when I add a new Contact?
A: If you add a new contact and add it to a group that is set to export to Mailchimp yes it will be added automatically, however, deleting a contact will not remove it from Mailchimp.

Q: Does MailChimp check for duplicates when I import subscribers?
A: Yes.  However it can not detect duplicates, bounces, or unsubscribers across multiple lists.

Q: If someone has unsubscribed from H1 Email Marketing or they are ticked for Opt Out Of All E-Mail Marketing will these contacts still be exported to MailChimp?
A: At the moment yes they will export, however, we are working on fixing this and hope to have it resolved late November.

Q: If I update a contact in MailChimp will it update H1?
A: The short answer is no. The feed between H1 and MailChimp only goes 1 way from H1 to MailChimp not the other way so any changes made to MailChimp will not update H1.

Q: If someone unsubscribes from a MailChimp campaign will it unsubscribe them in H1?
A: As above the feed only goes from H1 to MailChimp so no it will not unsubscribe a contact in H1 if they unsubscribe from a MailChimp campaign. This means that you will still have the ability to send H1 Email Marketing to these contacts. We suggest that if a contact unsubscribes from a MailChimp campaign you tick the box in H1 when editing a contact to Opt Out Of All E-Mail Marketing.

Q: How do you access MailChimp?
A: You can access MailChimp through HarcourtsOne by clicking on Email Marketing, then clicking on the MailChimp logo or Try It Now once it’s available on the 27th October. Or you can go directly to the MailChimp website from here.

Q: How much does MailChimp cost to use?
A: MailChimp's Forever Free Plan allows you to send 12,000 total emails a month to up to 2,000 subscribers. This means you could send six times to 2,000 subscribers or 10 times to 1,200 subscribers at a time. However, you can only send up to 2,000 total e-mails in a 24-hour period. On the Forever Free Plan, you have access to all standard design, list management, scheduling emails, campaign tracking, signup forms and setup tools.

When you reach 2,000 subscribers on your Forever Free Plan, you will still be able to collect and import new subscribers and work on your campaigns and lists, but a hold will be placed on sending to your list or sending test emails until you upgrade to a paid plan or reduce your subscriber count to 2,000 or less total subscribers.

Q: How much is it to upgrade?
A: MailChimp's paid plans are designed to help you scale your marketing efforts once you reach more than 2,000 total subscribers. You can choose between two paid plan options: Monthly and Pay As You Go. Monthly Plans are designed for people who send at least one campaign per month, while our Pay As You Go Plan is designed for people who send less frequently than once per month.
To estimate your costs for a Monthly or Pay As You Go plan, use our billing calculator.

Q: Is there a size limit to sending out MailChimp campaigns?
A: There is no size limit to the length of the email you send. If you want to send a file i.e. as an attachment you will need to upload the file to MailChimp and then it will send as a link to download the file. This works similar to HarcourtsOne Email Marketing Smart Attachments. For more information on this please visit the Host Files in MailChimp page.

Q: As this is not a Harcourts product, where can I get help?
A: There are tutorial videos on this page.  These will help you get started with exporting your H1 contacts to MailChimp, using Harcourts branded headers, footers & signatures as well as inserting property snippets / blocks into email campaigns. MailChimp have a Knowledge Base area on their website with plenty of videos and step by step guides which you can check out here. If you are a paid subscriber you also get access to MailChimp’s email and chat support.

Q: Do my campaigns send through MailChimp’s server or Harcourts’?
A: Every campaign you send goes through MailChimp’s servers.

Q: Can I schedule emails with MailChimp?
A: When you go to send out a campaign you have the option to select Schedule and then choose a date and time for the email campaign to be sent. For more information on this please visit MailChimp's Schedule, Pause, or Send a Campaign page.

Q: Can I send attachments with my MailChimp Email Campaigns?
A: Yes you can upload them as a file to MailChimp's server and then add a link within your email for the recipient to download. This works similar to HarcourtsOne Email Marketing Smart Attachments. For more information please visit the Host Files in MailChimp help page.

Q: How fast does MailChimp deliver my email?
A: It depends on the size of your mailing list, and on the current mail queue. MailChimp is setup to send one million emails in 45 minutes.  However, Internet Service Providers (ISP's) require messages be throttled to groups of 2,000 or less and sent at rates from 5 to 30 minutes apart.

Q: Will people know that I’m using MailChimp?
A: It depends if you have a paid or free account. On the Forever Free Plan there will be a MailChimp logo at the bottom of your email campaigns and on signup forms, however, when you upgrade you can remove this. On both free and paid plans, all the information on your emails like from name, reply-to, etc. will appear to come from you, not MailChimp.

 Q: Can I send an email on behalf of another person?
A: The short answer is yes. There are several ways to do this: Login to the account who you want to send on behalf of, similar to that users can invite other users to access their account, when creating a List in MailChimp you have the option to enter the Name & Email Address of the person you want campaigns to be sent on behalf of and similar to that when you create a new campaign you have the same option to enter a Name & Email Address of who you want the email to go from.

Q: Can you save an email campaign as a pdf?
A: Yes there are a couple of ways you can do this. For more information please visit MailChimp's Save a Campaign as a PDF File page.

Q: What History or analytics does MailChimp have?
A: With a Forever Free Account you will get access to: Open Rates, Click Rates, Industry Averages, 24 Hour Performance, Clicks on each link, Opens, Unsubscribes, Social Performance and Opens by Location. If you upgrade your account you will get access to even more history / analytics. For more information on this please visit MailChimp's About Campaign Reports page. If you have a Google Analytics account you can also add Google Analytics tracking to your MailChimp campaigns. For more information on this please visit MailChimp's Integrate Google Analytics with MailChimp page.

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