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HarcourtsOne January 2016: Harcourts Re-Brand

What's New In HarcourtsOne January 2016?

All Countries

When searching for Listings or using the Currently Looking For you can now select more than 1 Location / Suburb at a time. Previously you had to re-search each time you selected a Location / Suburb.

HarcourtsOne Multiple Location Search
*All countries except USA. There is a new step when Converting an Appraisal to a Listing. This new step requires a Method of Sale to be selected between the conversion. This step will help to ensure award and financial reporting is correct.

HarcourtsOne Set Sale Method

South Africa (ZA) Specific

On the Publishing tab when entering / editing a Listing, down the bottom under Listing Exports next to Private Property there is now the option to select Nedbank Assisted Sale and PP.

Nedbank Assisted Sale and PP

All Countries - Re-Brand*

With the re-brand of Harcourts launching today, 18th January 2016 we have made a number of changes within HarcourtsOne to reflect the new branding (logos, colours & fonts), these include:

  • Updated Marketing sections with all the information on the re-brand under Products and Services / Products on the Dashboard of H1 - or click on your country to check it out: NZ, AUS, USA
  • All Library documents updated. Check out your updated Library here: NZ, AUS, ZA, USA *Please note South Africa is half completed and Indonesia is coming soon.
  • Print Marketing including Client Flyers, Public Listing Catalogues and Reports
  • Email Marketing banners / templates / snippets
  • MailChimp headers
  • System generated emails like Harcourts Complete and Our Promise

Harcourts Re-branded Client Flyer  Harcourts Re-branded Listing Catalogue  Harcourts Re-branded Listing Hit Report

Harcourts Happy Birthday Re-brand Banner  Harcourts Happy Christmas Re-brand Banner

Public Websites

harcourts.co.nz / harcourts.com.au / harcourts.co.id / harcourts.co.za / harcourtsusa.com

Re-Branded Harcourts Public SiteRe-Branded Landmark Harcourts Public Site

naiharcourts.co.nz / naiharcourts.com.au

Re-Branded NAI Harcourts Public SiteLuxury Property Selection (LPS) Website Re-BrandedRe-Branded Harcourts Foundation WebsiteRe-Branded Harcourts International WebsiteRe-Branded Harcourts Complete WebsiteRe-Branded Academy WebsiteRe-Branded Harcourts Business Partners Website