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HarcourtsOne March 2016

What's New In HarcourtsOne March 2016?

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We have added a tick box in Add/Edit Listings on the Publishing tab to Export & Publicly Display Sold Price when a Listing is Sold (see screenshot below). This applies to Residential, Rural, Commercial and Business For Sale Listings. Please ensure you tick/untick this box (whichever is applicable) before a listing is marked as Unconditional in the Harcourts Trust System or Sold in HarcourtsOne.

If you are selling another office's listing and the purchaser doesn't want the Sold Price displayed please ensure you speak to the Listing Office to get them to untick the box. *Please note that choosing not to display the Sold Price when the property is sold will only delay when the price will be displayed. When the data is available to purchase Core Logic RP Data will purchase this information and give it to realestate.com.au.

If the Sold Price is exported to display publicly by mistake you can try to untick the box to remove the Sold Price but there are no guarantees that this will work. We suggest you also manually change in the Agent Admin section of any website portal &/or contact them direct to ensure the changes are made.

The default IS for the Export & Publicly Display Sold Price tick box to be ticked for all listings, if you would like to change this for your office so that the Export & Publicly Display Sold Price tick box IS NOT ticked, please contact the Business Operations Manager (BOM) in your State or the Harcourts Helpdesk. *Please note if you opt not to display a Sold Price, some websites will put your listings below other listings that do display a Sold Price.
Export and Publicly Display Sold Price

We have created a feed to RateMyAgent. This means that all of your Listing and Sales information will automatically feed to RateMyAgent's website. This will be turned on by default, however, if you don't want to export your Listing and Sales information to RateMyAgent please contact the Business Operations Manager in your State or the Harcourts Helpdesk.

If you are unsure what RateMyAgent is please watch the video below &/or visit their About page on their website for information.

If you have not yet claimed your individual or office profile please visit the How to claim your Agent Profile on RateMyAgent page.

For further help on how to get the most out of RateMyAgent please visit the Support Centre on their website.

We have now added an Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) field on the Page 1 tab when Add/Editing a Residential For Sale Listing (see screenshot below). This information will feed through to any external websites (including Campaign Track) which support this as well as any Client Flyers and Public Listing Catalogues printed from HarcourtsOne.

ACT EER Rating Field

South Africa

We have added a Developments section on harcourts.co.za. If you want to add a Listing to this section you will need to select Development as the Property Type when add/editing a Listing in HarcourtsOne. Please note: the best way to use this new function is to select the normal Property Type i.e. house, apartment, townhouse etc… as the Primary then select Developments as the secondary property type. This is for Residential For Sale Listings only and if ticked as a Development the Listing will still appear in the Residential section on harcourts.co.za.

South Africa (ZA) Developments Section
South Africa (ZA) HarcourtsOne Property Type Development

At the top of the Developments section on harcourts.co.za there is a link to a page - the latest news on Developments. Please click here or on the image below to visit this Developments news page:

The latest news on South African Property Developments


Academy has been added back into the Products and Services module on the Dashboard:

Indonesia Products and Services Link

Contact imports into HarcourtsOne now accepts Indonesia CSV formats. This will fix the issue that was preventing people to import contacts.