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HarcourtsOne May 2016

What's New In HarcourtsOne May 2016?

Please click on your relevant country to see specific changes to you: New Zealand / Australia - NSW Only / South Africa / America


  • Delete Appraisal/CMA bug fix - you can now delete Appraisals/CMA's again. In the last version of HarcourtsOne (H1) there was a bug where you could not delete Appraisals/CMA's.
  • Promise / Weekly Written Report bug fix - you can now Add to Client Login the Promise / Weekly Written Report from the Promise tab on the Listing Overview Page in H1. As of the last version of H1 this produced an error.
  • Inactive Listings now display in the Client Login for Sellers under Current. Until now it showed under Past.

Inactive Listings Client Login

  • Residential Rental Listing Catalogue & Public Listing Catalogue has had ‘Price Indicator’ removed. This showed to the left of the price.

Residential Rental Listing Catalogue

  • Office and Personal websites now allow multiple email addresses again in the Email Notifications field when adding/editing a Forms Widget. There was a bug where it wouldn't work if you had a space between the semi-colon and multiple email addresses as per the text instructions.

Forms Widget Multiple Email Addresses


  • "Unless Sold Prior” and “No Prior Offers” has been added to Auction, Tender & Deadline Treaty Residential, Rural & Commercial Sales Listings. When using one of these Methods of Sale you will have to choose "Unless Sold Prior” or “No Prior Offers” from the dropdown box. *Please note we are sending this information to realestate.co.nz, however, they will not currently display "Unless Sold Prior” or “No Prior Offers”. This is on their end, not ours.

NZ Unless Sold Prior or No Prior Sale Options

"Unless Sold Prior” and “No Prior Offers” will then show in the following places:

  • Listings search results within HarcourtsOne:

H1 Listing Results Page

  • HarcourtsOne listing overview page:

H1 Listing Overview Page

  • Harcourts Public Websites listing search results page (when you hover over Auction, Tender or Deadline Treaty:

Harcourts Websites Results Page

  • Harcourts Public Websites listing view page in both the Heading and Description sections:

Harcourts Websites Listing View Page

  • Reports and Flyers including Client Flyers, Detailed Client Flyers, Portrait Window Cards, Open Home Reports, Public Listing Catalogues and Listing Catalogues:

H1 Public Lisitng Catalogue

  • Campaign Track has also updated their system so these changes reflect in their system:

Campaign Track Brochure


  • Due to new Legislation in NSW we have replaced Price By Negotiation with Price Guide and we have changed the maximum range from 40% to 10%. This applies to Residential For Sale Listings Only. As a part of this under the new Price Guide (formally Price By Negotiation) there are now only 2 options not 3. Price Guide - Use Price and Price Guide - Use Price Range. We removed the option for Price Guide - No Price. These updated Pricing Options will display on Harcourts Public Websites, Property Portals, Email Marketing, Client Flyers, Reports and Campaign Track.

NSW Price Guide


ZA Webmail Link

  • “Reduced Price” status will now feed through to Property 24 and show the Reduced Price banner on the Search Results page and the Listing View page. *Please note in order for this to work on existing listings you will need to make a small, non price related, edit first (this should work by clicking Save Now). This allows us to store the existing price and then when the price changes we can calculate if it’s a reduction or not.

P24 Reduced Price Banner


  • Harcourts websites have been changed to prevent co-mingling of MLS Listings to comply with MLS Rules. This means that when anyone searches a Harcourts website they must now search by City, Street, MLS ID or Zip Code. You can no longer search by State or County as this can bring up listings under multiple MLS. As a part of this we have also introduced auto-predictive search so when you start typing in the City, Street, MLS #, Zip Code box it will automatically start searching for Cities, Street Addresses, MLS ID's and Zip Codes that match listings on the website.

Co-Mingling Search Change

Auto-Predictive Search