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Trust Update Australia March 2016

Important Trust Update

We have just released an IMPORTANT update the the Harcourts Trust Accounting System. In this release we have made the following changes:

  • The login window has been re-branded to show the new logo.
  • On receipts generated we have changed the current ‘Date’ field to ‘Received on xx/xx/xx’.
  • On receipts generated we have changed ‘As per’ to ‘Receipt Completed By’.
  • On receipts generated we have added ‘Receipt Date’ above the receipt number. This is to show the date the receipt was issued.
Both the ‘Received on’ and ‘Receipt Generated’ dates will appear on any duplicate receipts that are printed.

If you are in QLD, to ensure you comply with legislative requirements please search for your office in the Directory of H1 / Edit Organisational Unit / Contact Tab and fill in the Principal Details section which includes - Licensee's Name and Licence Number as shown below: This will then show on the Trust Receipts.

Principal Details for Trust Receipts
To download the Trust Update please watch the following video or follow the instructions below:

  1. Login to HarcourtsOne
  2. On the Dashboard find the Products and Services Module
  3. Click Technology then click Services
  4. Click on Technology Downloads
  5. Click on Trust Update Australia
  6. Once the Jave HPS file has downloaded click on it open. You should then be prompted to make changes to your computer- click Yes.
  7. You should then get a pop up window and the top option on the right should be Unzip, click this and you should get a notification that 31 files have unzipped successfully. If this is the case you have now successfully updated your Trust Accounting System.
  8. If you get an error when Unzipping use Windows Explorer to navigate to your downloads folder. In your downloads folder right click on Java HPS and run as administrator then repeat step 6.

If you have followed these steps and watched the video and still can't get the update to work please contact the Business Operations Manager in your State or the Harcourts Helpdesk on 1800 355 529 / helpdesk@harcourts.net.