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HarcourtsOne December 2016

What's New In HarcourtsOne and Office/Personal Websites December 2016


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Client Flyer & Window Card Changes - the font sizes of the Address Banner, Heading and Ad Body have been increased:

Harcourts Client Flyers Font Increase

Client Login Wording Changes - any wording of 'Method Of Sale' has been changed to 'Price' in the Client Login. This makes more sense to our clients.

Client Login - Price

Property Management Promise/Client Login Wording Changes - in the Listing View / Promise tab we have changed 'Number of Offers' to read as 'Number of Applications' and in the Listing View / Client Login / Overview Summary Data tab we have changed 'Offers' to read as 'Applications Received'.

Property Management Client Login Wording Changes





10 Step Website Tour - for anyone who has just had a website created for them, when they first log in they will see a 10 step tour that will show them how to get started in building their website. Anyone can start this tour again by clicking on the ? in the top right hand corner.

Harcourts Websites 10 Step Tour Image
This video will show you through the 10 Step Website Tour:







New Content Editor - we have upgraded the Content Editor widget to a new one that has the same functionality as well as additional features. The new features include the ability to:







  • Change the font type (3 x brand compliant fonts
  • Change the font size
  • Change the font colour
  • Change the font background colour
  • Drag and drop photos

New Content Editor Image
This video will show you the old vs new content editor and any differences/new features:







Add Templated Pages - you can now build or add to your website using templated pages that the Business Operations Managers have put together. To view/add a templated page click on Add New Page in the top left hand corner and you will see a 'Use a template page' dropdown menu in the pop up window. Here you can select a page and have the option to 'Preview Template'. If you want to add that page simply enter a Page Title, select the 'Page Hierarchy' and Save. You will then be able to edit the page to personalise to you or your office. *Please note: if you add a page with a form on it you must edit the email address attached to the form.

Templated Pages Image
This video will show you how to add templated pages to your website:









Customisable 'Meet the Team' Headings - you can now customise the 'Meet the Team' headings on your Office website. To do this go to Settings in the top left hand corner of your website then go to the Appearance tab. Here you will see Meet the Team Section Headings where you can type what ever you want the headings to be.

Customisable Meet the Team Headings Image
This video will show you how to customise your 'Meet the Team' headings:









Testimonial Form and Widget - you can now add a Testimonial Form Widget which when filled in by a client can be shown through the Testimonial Widget. Additional information you should be aware of:







  • You must use the pre-selected Testimonial Form in order for it to feed through to the Testimonial Widget
  • You will receive an email when someone fills in the Testimonial Form just like you would for any other Form
  • You are required to approve testimonials before they will be displayed
  • You can add the Testimonial Form as a Single, Double or Triple Column Widget
  • You can add the Testimonial Widget as a Double or Triple Column Widget

Testimonial Widget Image
This video will show you how to add a Testimonial Form, a Testimonial Widget and how the Form flows through to the Widget:







Direct Menu/Sub-Menu Links - you can now link a Menu or Sub-Menu Item direct to a URL/website address instead of having to have a page behind it. For example: if you want to link someone to the Bluebook or Luxury Property Selection Magazine, instead of having someone visit a page where you link them, you can do this straight from when they click the Menu/Sub-Menu Item. To set this up, go to Site Map in the top left hand corner of your screen, then click on 'Add External Link' in the pop up window.

Direct Menu Sub-Menu Links Image
This video will show you how to set up Direct Menu/Sub-Menu Links:









Background Colours - you can now change the background colour of your website. We have 4 options 'White' which is the default, 'White with Blue/Cyan Stripes', 'Grey' and a Grey Gradient (white fading to grey). To change the colour of your background go to Settings in the top left hand corner of your website then go to the Appearance tab. You will then see the 4 options you can choose from.

Background Colours Image
This video will show you how to change the background colour of your website:









Personal Websites 'About Us' - if you have a personal website with multiple people attached to the website e.g. you are working in a team the 'About Us' page will now appear more like the Office 'Meet the Team' page where the profiles appear side by side. Previously they were appearing vertically on top of one another.

Personal About Us Page Image










Updated Sold Banner - we have changed the red Sold banner that appears on Sold properties on Harcourts websites to the new cyan Sold sticker/banner:

Harcourts Online Sold Banners
'No Price' Domain Change - if you market a property with 'No Price' it will now appear on Domain as 'Contact Agent'.











Landscape Window Card Disclaimer - the Landscape Window Card that you can produce from HarcourtsOne will now include the disclaimer text:

ZA Landscape Window Card Disclaimer Image










Real Estate License Code on Client Flyers - if you have a Real Estate License Code entered against your HarcourtsOne (H1) Settings it will now appear on Client Flyers and Window Cards produced from H1:

USA License Details Client Flyers and Window Cards