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HarcourtsOne February 2017

What's New In HarcourtsOne and Office/Personal Websites February 2017




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South Africa / Australia








Hide Meet the Team Profiles - you can now choose to hide a team member's profile from the Meet the Team page on an office website. One of the main reasons for this is when a Business Owner/Manager/Team Member has a login to multiple offices within H1 and they have a Franchise website with multiple offices attached, the profile will show up multiple times.


This video will show you how to hide profiles on an office website Meet the Team page:




Automatic Feature Property Widget Update - previously if you had multiple offices/agents attached to a website and you used the automatic function as a part of the feature property widget, it would only add properties from one office/agent. We have made a change so that you can now select 'All' to drop in the latest listings from all the offices/agents attached to the website.


Automatic Feature Property Widget All Function


Content Widget Invalid HTML - some team members were experiencing issues when they were editing old content widgets or adding in new content and were getting an Invalid HTML error message. This was due to some special characters not being recognised and meant that changes were not able to be saved. Some of these special characters included: '...' & '®'. These characters should now be recognised.





Updated Cell/SMS Prefixes - we have added the prefix of 063 to HarcourtsOne so that Contacts who have a cell number that starts with 063 are able to be saved without the warning message: Cannot SMS to this number.


Private Property Minimum Character Change - previously, listings were required to have a minimum of 140 characters in the ad body in order to export/feed to Private Property (PP). This is no longer the case and listings with any number of characters will export/feed to PP.





Meet the Team Listings Update - in November 2016 we released a feature on an office website Meet the Team profile page, where it will display listings (available & sold) if that team member has their name against any listings in HarcourtsOne (H1). The widget was displaying both the My Listings and My Sales tabs even if the team member didn't have any current or sold listings against their name. We have now made changes so that it will only display the My Listings &/or My Sales tabs if there are listings to display.


My Listings



My Sales