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HarcourtsOne June 2017

What's New In HarcourtsOne, Office/Personal and National Websites June 2017




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New Zealand / South Africa








Home Page Edit - there is now an option of 'Page Edit' on the Home Page of the Office and Personal Websites like you would see on all added pages. This enables you to edit the SEO Page Title for the Home Page. Previously you were not able to edit the SEO Page Title for the Home Page, it would automatically use the Site Title from the Settings. The SEO Page Title shows up in the Tab of the browser and can be picked up by Google.



Home Page Edit








Listing Changes - there are a number of changes to Listings to match the paper Listing Form:


  • Method of Sale 'Multi Listing' has been removed
  • House Style ‘Villa’ has been added
  • Property Details:
    • Heating/Cooling options have changed from Reverse Cycle A/C to Heat Pump and Split Cycle A/C to Air Conditioning
    • Composite Weatherboard has been added to Construction options
    • Renovated & Renovator have been removed from Condition options
    • Colour steel has been changed to Coloured steel in Roof options
    • Additional Info check box and text fields have been added to Bedroom details from Bedroom 2 onwards.


Dwelling/Total Sqm Added to CMA - Dwelling size has been added to Residential For Sale properties and Total Sqm has been added to Commercial For Sale properties that show on the CMA Report produced from HarcourtsOne (H1). This information comes from Listings in H1 so if there is no Dwelling/Total Sqm entered it won't show on the CMA. *To ensure you comply with REAA requirements please only complete if the building area is verified by a registered valuation.


Dwelling - Total Sqm Added to CMA






Sold Section - there will now be a Sold Section on Harcourts.co.nz, NAIHarcourts.co.nz and the Office/Personal Websites. A Sold Section will also appear under profiles on the National Websites and the Meet the Team page on Office Websites. The Listings will display in the Sold Section once the Possession Date has passed and will display in Possession Date order (Possession Date is generally the same as the Settlement Date).


Harcourts.co.nz Sold Section


In order to set this up on your Office/Personal website you will need to go into the Settings / Search / Display Listings and select which Listing Types you want to Display Sold Properties for:


Office & Personal Websites Sold Settings





High Definition (HD) Photos - when uploading photos to Listings in H1, now if they are HD (1920 x 1080) or larger, they will export to Private Property (PP) and Property 24 (P24) in HD/1920 x 1080 quality. This is done through the normal Website Images section.