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HarcourtsOne May 2017

What's New In HarcourtsOne and Office/Personal Websites May 2017




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New Zealand / Australia







YouTube Bug Fix - there was an issue where some YouTube videos that were added to a website were showing a lot smaller than expected. This has now been fixed so videos appear as expected.


YouTube Bug Fix






TradeMe Feature Business Listings - we have added a 'Make 'Feature' On Trade Me' option on Business Listings in HarcourtsOne (H1). You will find this at the bottom of the Publishing Tab when Adding/Editing a Listing.


TradeMe Feature Business Listings


Portrait Window Card Bug Fix - there was an issue where a long price on the Portrait Window Card would push the second property image and consultant image outside of the margins. This has now been fixed and should work correctly.


NZ Portrait Window Card


Updated CMA Disclaimer - we have updated the CMA Disclaimer text to: This report is a Current Market Analysis (CMA) of your property giving you an estimated value for the property based on the property information provided by you (the Seller) and the current market conditions as at the date of this report. Please carefully review the property information in this CMA and advise us immediately if you see an error as this information will be used to market the property. This CMA is an appraisal only. It is important to note that this is NOT a property valuation. Should you require a registered valuation you must engage the services of an independent registered property valuer.






Landmark Harcourts Clearing Sales - we have added a 'Contacts' tab when entering/editing a Clearing Sale in HarcourtsOne (H1). You will be required to enter the Name, Company/Position, Phone (Phone or Mobile) and Email of at least one Contact for the Clearing Sale. You can enter up to a maximum of 5 Contacts. This information will appear on landmarkharcourts.com.au on the Clearing Sales page as well as on the Listing View page on the right where Agent Contact information appears on Property Listings.


Landmark Harcourts Clearing Sales Contact Details



NAI Harcourts and Landmark Harcourts Sold Banners - NAI Harcourts and Landmark Harcourts Sold Banners will now appear in Red (NAI Harcourts) and Yellow (Landmark Harcourts) on any websites branded NAI Harcourts or Landmark Harcourts. For example on NAIHarcourts.com.au the banners will appear in Red and on LandmarkHarcourts.com.au the banners will appear in Yellow. If office/personal websites are branded with either brand they will also show the applicable coloured Sold Banner, however, on Harcourts.com.au or if an office/personal website is branded Harcourts it will show the default Harcourts Blue Sold Banner.


NAI Harcourts and Landmark Harcourts Sold Banners