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HarcourtsOne November 2016

What's New In HarcourtsOne and Office/Personal Websites November 2016



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New Zealand / Australia










Public Website International Phone Numbers - local phone numbers entered into HarcourtsOne under your settings will now show on Harcourts country websites as international phone numbers. This will happen for Mobile/Cell and Office phone numbers.

Harcourts Public Website International Phone Numbers
Property Management Client Login Changes - any wording of 'Seller' has been changed to 'Client' on the Client Login tab on the Property View Page within HarcourtsOne.

Property Management Client Login





Social Media Connections - there are now more Social Media Connection options for you to promote your social media profiles. We have added: Instagram, Pinterest, Google +, SoundCloud, SnapChat, Tumblr, Vine, Flickr and RateMyAgent (AUS only). To add these, click on Settings in the top left hand corner when editing your website and go so Social. Please note that you can only display up to 5 social media connections due to how it will display when the website responds to a mobile screen.

Harcourts Websites Social Media Connections
This video will show you how to add Social Media Connections on your website:







Social Media Sharing - you can now set up Social Media Sharing on your website so that any visitors can share the page on their social media account/s directly from the website. To set this up, click on Settings in the top left hand corner when editing your website and go so Social / Sharing.

Harcourts Websites Social Media Sharing
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Social Media Sharing Images - when sharing property / listing page links on social media the image in the link will now show the main image photo of the property / listing. Previously it was showing a random photo from the property / listing.

Harcourts Websites Social Media Sharing Links

Meet the Team Listings - when viewing profiles on an office website Meet the Team page, it will now display listings if that team member has their name against any listings in HarcourtsOne (H1). The default is to show For Sale listings but there are options for anyone visiting the page/profile to view Rental listings or Sold listings (AUS only). This will happen automatically, you do not need to set anything up.

Harcourts Websites Meet the Team Lisitngs

Automatic Feature Property Widget - you can now set up to 10 of your latest listings to automatically show when you add a Feature Property Widget. When you add the widget the first option of Choose Listings will have an option in the drop down menu of Automatically show most recent. All you need to do is select: Automatically show most recent, Your Office, Listing Type and how many you want to automatically show then click Save.

Harcourts Websites Feature Property Widget
This video will show you how to add a feature property widget to your website:









Desktop Menu - when browsing a website on a desktop computer and you visit a page other than the home page the menu will now stay as it was on the home page. Previously this would change to the mobile hamburger menu.

Harcourts Websites Desktop Menu

Triple Column Widgets - you can now use Triple Column Widgets at the top and bottom of any page on your website. Previously you could only add Triple Column Widgets to the top of the home page. This allows more page layout customisation on your website. As a part of this change we have also now made the Content and Forms Widget available as a Triple Column Widgets.

Harcourts Websites Triple Column Widgets

Predefined News Feed Links - you will now have an option to select from a number of Predefined News Feed Links/blogs when adding a News Feed Widget to your website. Some of these links include country specific, Luxury Property Selection (LPS) Harcourts International and the Harcourts Foundation blogs.
Harcourts Websites Predefined News Feed Links
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User Friendly URL's - you can now customise your page URL's using the User Friendly URL option when Adding/Editing a page on your website. This allows you to shorten &/or customise the URL separate to the Page Title/Name. This could potentially help with your SEO if the right keywords are used. Please note that the only characters that can be used are letters, numbers and dashes (-).

Harcourts Websites User Friendly URLs
This video will show you how to customise your page URL's:









SEO Page Title - you can now customise the HTML/SEO Page Title. This means that the link won’t have to include | Harcourts Franchise or Office as their page title. Using the right keywords in your Page Title can help with your SEO. If you engage an external SEO company they may request you to change these.

Harcourts Websites SEO Page Title

This video will show you how to customise the SEO Page Title on each page of your website:



Feature Content Banners - you can now add Feature Content Banners/Widgets without having to link them anywhere. Previously you had to link them to a page on your website or an external website.

Harcourts Websites Feature Content Banners

Google Tag Manager - you can now set up Google Tag Manager against your website. This can be used by search engine optimisation (SEO) companies to manage scripts and code on your website to help with your Google rankings. To give access to a SEO company you will need to do this via Google Tag Manager, not your website. Google Tag Manager is for advanced users only as adding the wrong code can cause issues to your website.

Harcourts Websites Google Tag Manager
This video will show you how to set up Google Tag Manager and link it to your website:











Realestate.co.nz Line Breaks - you will now be able to use bullet points in the ad body of your listings and it will feed to realestate.co.nz correctly. Previously when the ad was sent to realestate.co.nz it would ignore line breaks so when using bullet points it would send them in one large paragraph.
realestate.co.nz line breaks







QLD, ACT, WA & Only - you will now have a Method of Sale Pricing Option of 'Price Plus'. When 'Price Plus' is selected and a price of $500,000 is entered it will display as '$500,000 +'.

HarcourtsOne Method of Sale - Price +