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HarcourtsOne October 2017

What's New In HarcourtsOne, Office/Personal and National Websites October 2017




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Instagram & Pinterest Added to User Settings - Under your H1 Settings / Contact Tab under Social Media you will now see Instragram and Pinterest as options. If selected and a link added, these will appear on your profile on the main Harcourts, Landmark Harcourts and NAI Harcourts public websites.


Instragram and Pinterest Added to H1 User Settings



Email Marketing History Display - Email Marketing History now displays a link to every Contact Group each email is sent to, previously it would only show the first group.


Email Marketing History Display All Contact Groups






3D Virtual Tours - LPS is now capable of displaying 3D virtual tours e.g. matterport videos. If you add a 3D virtual tour link into Virtual Tour URL field on the Publishing Tab when add/editing a Listing this will display on the LPS website. Visitors will be able to click the virtual tour tab on the listing view page and this will open a 3D virtual tour video in a new window.


LPS 3D H1 Virtual Tour Link


LPS Website 3D Virtual Tour Link







Sold Properties Display Order - Sold Properties should now display in order of Confirmation/Unconditional Date with the most recent confirmation date/property showing first.


Sold Properties Between Unconditional and Settlement/Possession Date - Sold Properties will now display on the main public Harcourts, Landmark Harcourts & NAI Harcourts websites as well as Office & Personal websites between Unconditional and Settlement/Possession Date. Previously properties weren't displayed anywhere during this period on Harcourts websites. The same rules will apply to if/when the Sold Price will be displayed as all other portals. *PLEASE NOTE: in the unlikely event that an unconditional property falls over, please contact the Helpdesk ASAP to get the property showing as available again.







REINZ eForms - Recently, H1 was updated to link to the new REINZ eForms platform when clicking Create Sale and Purchase Agreement from a listing.


This has now been refined to allow unlimited HarcourtsOne users to create an eForm for one particular listing.


For example, when a HarcourtsOne user first clicks Create Sale and Purchase Agreement for a listing, say 7 Alpers Avenue, a new eForm will be created under that user's REINZ login. Each subsequent time that same user clicks Create Sale and Purchase Agreement for that listing, the existing eForm will be updated.


If a second HarcourtsOne user clicks Create Sale and Purchase Agreement for 7 Alpers Avenue, a brand new eForm will be created under the second user's REINZ login. Note that any alterations or additional clauses the first user added to their eForm will not be seen by the second user.


This works the same whether a listing belongs to the HarcourtsOne user’s office, or another office or franchise.


REINZ eForms



Remove Staff Is Licensed Tick Box - We have removed the tick box for Staff Is Licensed. If an agent is Licensed you now only need to fill in the REAA Licence Number field and this will do everything the Staff Is Licensed tick box used to do. The reason for this is that some users were being ticked before they received their License and therefore were showing as a Licensed Agent when they weren't. The REAA have also been cracking down on this.


TradeMe Bug Fix - There was an issue where sometimes the Primary Listing Consultant was not showing as the Primary Listing Consultant on TradeMe. This has been fixed so it display as expected.







Updated Cell/SMS Prefixes - we have added the prefix of 066 to HarcourtsOne so that Contacts who have a cell number that starts with 066 are able to be saved without the warning message: Cannot SMS to this number.


Property Types of Warehouse Now Export to P24 as Industrial - Commercial Sales/Lease and Residential for Sale Listings with a Primary Property Type of Warehouse will now export to Property 24 as Industrial.


Agricultural Listing Types to PP - Agricultural Listing Types will now feed to Private Property (PP).


Expired Listing Email Notifications - Sales Consultants will now receive an email 5 days before the expiration of any authorities and will continue to receive an email until the listing has been altered. This applies to Residential, Business, Commercial and Agricultural For Sale Listings. Any Listings that are set to Available and are Open, Joint or MLS authorities will automatically be set to Withdrawn 30 days after the expiry date has passed. Exclusive Listings will not automatically get withdrawn.


Expiring Listings Email







Check out similar properties you may also like - There is now a 'Check out similar properties you may also like' section at the bottom of all Listing View Pages on the main country websites. Please note: all other countries received this feature back in August and at this stage it will not show on Office and Personal websites for all countries:


Check out similar properties you may also like