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Next Generation Harcourts eOne & eOpen Apps

eOne & eOpen Next Generation Apps


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For existing Harcourts app users, our next generation Harcourts apps are now available for your iPhone and iPad.


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Download the Apps TODAY: eOne / eOpen



Upgrade today to get the benefits including:

  • Group SMS for eOne and eOpen  **NEW** (not USA)
  • eOne iPad now shares the same features as eOne iPhone  **NEW**
  • Quickly and easily manage Inspections & attendees with the new standalone eOpen app
  • Manage inspections for any office listing  **NEW**
  • Google Street View images on all appraisals/valuations  **NEW**
  • No limit to the number of Attendee questions in eOpen, with 3 different types of questions  **NEW**
  • In eOpen, you can now send one Full Report or Vendor Report covering all inspections, rather than only sending one inspection per email  **NEW**
  • Quick methods of adding existing contacts as an attendee in eOpen  **NEW**



3 steps to install the Next Gen Apps

  1. On your iPad/iPhone, tap here and follow the prompts to install eOne. You can close Safari after you tap the final Install button.
  2. On your iPad only, tap here and follow the prompts to install eOpen
  3. Log in to eOne and eOpen with your HarcourtsOne (H1) login and start using after the initial sync.

*If you see a message saying ‘Untrusted Enterprise Developer’ please tap here for instructions to trust the app.


See the FAQ section for ‘Install Questions’ if you need further information. *Note that the old version of eOne will remain working on your iPhone/iPad, with all your data. The Next Gen versions of eOne and eOpen will have your data from H1 & the old version of eOne.



About the Next Gen Apps


eOne & eOpen App Icons


eOne (iPhone and iPad)
This app works the same way on both devices, giving you access to Tasks, Contacts, Listings, Appraisals/Valuations, Team, Search, and Academy.


eOpen (iPad)
This replaces the eOne iPad Open Home/Open Houses/Show Houses section and allows you to easily run and manage these with a clean modern design.



Watch Gregg Toyama’s introduction to the apps:


Watch Harcourts pilot users talk about using the Next Gen apps:

Pilot users talk about the Next Gen apps

For more feedback from Harcourts pilot users please click here.



Watch the eOne Tutorial Video:


Watch the eOpen Tutorial Video:

Download the Apps TODAY: eOne / eOpen

Frequently Asked Questions - General

What are the next generation apps?

  • eOne (iPhone & iPad) for Tasks / Contacts / Listings / Appraisals / Harcourts Team Members / Property Search / Academy
  • eOpen (iPad) for Listings / Open Inspections (Open Houses/Show Houses) / Attendees / Academy



How do I install the apps?

See ‘3 Steps to Install’ above.



What buttons do I need to press when I tap on the Install links?

Note that for each app install, you will need to tap on 2 or 3 buttons:

  1. First you might get a message about Trust: tap Close
  2. Open this page in “App Store”?; tap Open; wait a few seconds at this stage
  3. harcourts-ecloud.back4app.io would like to install; tap Install

After this, press the Home button on the front of your iPhone/ipad to return to your home screen to see the app icon installing. If you close Safari too early, tap on Safari, Refresh the page (to right of URL address) and then tap the 2 or 3 buttons.



Install Questions/Problems

  • To run the apps, you will need to be using iOS9 or later, an iPhone 4S or later, or an iPad 4 or later
  • *If you see a message saying ‘Untrusted Enterprise Developer’ please tap here for instructions to trust the app



What happens to my existing eOne data when I download these Next Generation eOne and eOpen?

Your existing eOne data syncs to H1 and will remain in the old app. It will sync to the next generation eOne and eOpen.



What happens to my existing eOne app when I download these Next Generation eOne and eOpen?

Your existing eOne app will stay on your device, with your data. We suggest you no longer use it.



Are these new apps available to all Harcourts staff?

Yes, although they are for now mostly aimed at existing Harcourts app users. We will communicate about the Next Gen apps with non Harcourts app users later.



Where can I find out more information about the apps?

See the video tutorials of each app above. We will be adding more detailed tutorial videos later.



Can these apps be used on Android or Windows Mobile devices?

At this time, the apps can only be used on Apple iOS devices. The current Android version of eOne will continue to work



Why are the open inspection/show houses group names different from eOne iPad to eOpen?

eOpen creates group names with no postcodes (unlike eOne iPad) as some properties do not have postcodes. It now always creates Contact Groups in the format ‘# Street, Suburb Open Inspections’, e.g. ‘99 High Street, Anytown Open Inspections’.
For active listings only, if you have any existing Open Inspection/show houses groups with a different naming convention (e.g. containing the postcode), then it would be advisable to combine all attendees into the group name that meets the above format to avoid having multiple groups of similar names. You can find more information about this here.



What is oldest device or iOS required to run the these next generation eOne and eOpen apps?

iOS 9 is the minimum version. iPad 4 (from 2012) or iPhone 4S (from 2011) are the oldest devices you can use them on



How to I ensure I back up all my information?

Although your eOne/eOpen data will be synced to H1, we recommend you also frequently backup your iOS device; see the Apple website for how to back up your iPhone and iPad.



How do Signatures work with eOne and eOpen SMS? (not USA)

If you send a message to an individual Contact/person, the apps will send via Apple’s iMessage, and you’ll see an iMessage screen pop up.
If you send a message to a Group (even a group of one person), the apps will use your H1 SMS account, and you’ll see ‘Send SMS using H1’ in the top centre. You can set a Template/Signature in eOne or eOpen in the Settings area. Note that your H1 SMS Message Signature will also automatically be added to group SMS’s



I tried to send a Group SMS and got the message ‘Error sending group SMS - nil’ (not USA)

Make sure you have at least one recipient, and some text in the ‘SMS text’ box. If there is a blank line at the start of the SMS text box, you can delete it



Where can I get more information/support?

Contact the Business Operations Manager (BOM) in your region or if applicable the Harcourts Helpdesk. *Please let whoever you talk to know that you are using the Next Gen version of the apps.



How does syncing with H1 work, and how long does it take?

eOne and eOpen sync data to H1 every time a change is made in the app if online, or will wait to be online to do this. H1 changes can take 15 minutes to sync to the apps.
The initial sync when you first open the new apps will take at least a few minutes, but longer if you have a lot of data (particularly Contacts, Listings and Appraisals). You’ll see an animation near the top left when the apps are syncing. Additionally, in Settings you’ll see ‘Sync Complete’ near the bottom of the screen once finished.
The old eOne syncs also syncs with H1, and so it is H1 that provides all data to eOne and eOpen.



I have a large Contacts database in H1. Will this affect the performance of eOne & eOpen?

eOne has been tested with an H1 account containing over 20,000 Contacts. While it can show all these contacts, the initial sync time increased from a few minutes (for most accounts) to about 40 minutes, and performance was generally slow.
eOpen was found to have some intermittent keyboard lagging issues, with more than 10,000 Contacts.



Download the Apps TODAY: eOne / eOpen


Frequently Asked Questions - eOne (iPhone & iPad)

What are the main features of eOne on the iPhone & iPad?

  • Manage your Tasks/Contacts & Groups / Appraisals
  • Import Contacts from your iOS Contacts
  • Save an H1 / eOne Contact to your iOS Contacts
  • SMS/Phone/Email your Contacts/Team
  • Use your H1 SMS Account to SMS a whole group (not USA)
  • View Listings
  • Search any Harcourts Listing
  • View Team (all Harcourts staff)
  • Browse the Academy website



How do I tell the difference between the old eOne and the Next Gen eOne?

Next Gen app icons have faint horizontal lines in the app icon background and has 8 tabs on the left including Academy. The old eOne only has 5 including Property Search.



How do I buy H1 SMS Credits? (not USA)

You will need to do this within HarcourtsOne. Tap your photo at the top left of H1 and choose SMS Options from the drop down menu then click on 'Purchse SMS Credits'. eOne will let you send from your personal H1 SMS account; a future update will allow you to send from your H1 SMS office account.



How can I make calls from my iPad (using eOne)?

When in the Contacts section, you will see a Phone icon to the right of a phone number. To use this on your iPad, you will need to have set up your iCloud account on your iPhone and iPad. Please visit the Apple website for how to set up iCloud on all your devices. *Please note this is not supported by the Harcourts Helpdesk. 



Do I need to pay again for eOne?

Your existing eOne subscription covers the Next Generation eOne



What Contacts and Groups will eOne show me?

eOne will show you all of your personal H1 Contacts. It will show you all your Personal and Office Groups.



I can't see how to associate a Contact that I am creating, to a Group/Type/Task/History

H1 will not allow eOne to associate a Contact to these things until you first tap on Save for the Contact



I have just started using eOne and when I am working through the app, it sometimes closes

During the initial sync period (which will take at least a few minutes) the app may be slow to respond, or close unexpectedly if you tap around. It is best to wait till the sync animation near the top left has stopped before actively using the app.



Download the Apps TODAY: eOne / eOpen


Frequently Asked Questions - eOpen (iPad Only)

What are the main features of eOpen on the iPad?

  • Conduct your Open Inspections / Open Houses / Show Houses for your listings or your office listings
  • SMS Attendees using your H1 SMS Credits (not USA)
  • Email Attendees
  • Generate & Email reports
  • Manage your Attendees
  • Customise questions to ask attendees
  • Set up automatic templates for Emails and SMS’s
  • Browse the Academy website



Do I need to pay for eOpen?

Yes, there is a separate eOpen subscription



How do I buy H1 SMS Credits? (not USA)

You will need to do this within HarcourtsOne. Tap your photo at the top left of H1 and choose SMS Options from the drop down menu. eOpen will let you send from your personal H1 SMS account, as well as your office H1 SMS account



Can I get Next Gen eOne and eOpen on my Android device?

For now, the Next Gen apps are only for iPhones and iPads. The existing eOne Android app will continue to work as is.



What codes can I use in Settings/Edit Messaging Template to autopopulate information?

You can use the following codes to autopopulate information in your emails/SMS's:

  • [ListingAddress]   e.g. 1 High Street, Anytown
  • [listingPublicUrl]   e.g. https://www.harcourts.com.au/QDB123
  • [agentName]          e.g. John Smith



Download the Apps TODAY: eOne / eOpen


Harcourts Pilot Group Feedback

Aaron LaCombre AU: eOpen is the simplest and most effective way to manage your open homes and the attendees, you would have to be crazy not to make it a part of your tool kit!


Hannes Smith ZA: All in One-stop Service for all agents


Alisha Whelan AU: Amazing to see the new eOpen app, there is no excuse not to use it in the current digital age we live in. Not only does it look slick in the marketplace but makes your life a whole lot easier!


Vanessa Balfour NZ: eOne and eOpen allows you to instantly capture clients information and seamlessly synchronise data between Apps. By only having to enter the details once productivity and accuracy are enhanced, allowing you to spend more time working with clients. The Apps deliver results with minimum effort and are essential tools for growing your business.


David Hernyk AU: eOne and eOpen give me better, automated control of my clients details and what point they are at in their transactions or plans. This means I can be more efficient and in better, quality communication with both vendors and purchasers. In short, it makes me look good!


Janet Okaro AU: eOpen saves hours of time for sales consultants and admin staff. "There is no excuse for not keeping your vendors in the loop". "eOne ensures the data I collect is saved in the right place, therefore, utilised in the right way".


Anon ZA: In any new development, the window of opportunity to use new technology to impress your clients and make you more productive is only going to last so long before other companies and agents catch on. To understand how the apps and H1 work together to make you more productive and professional is a process. Just as any process it will take time to get the hang of things but once you have invested the time, the results will come and your creative juices will start to flow.


Caleb Griffioen NZ: It's so empowering to have a system so easily accessible, knowing all your contacts are in the one place - instead of in an old open home register lying in the boot of your car!


Peter Griffioen NZ: Loving eOpen and for those of us running teams it is a great business tool as collates contacts automatically, saves a lot of time and registers buyers to a property, open home etc so great for tracking. It makes for efficient listing/client updates too and no more dogeared open home registers lying around in the back of a team members car!


Hannah AU: Nothing like having your database with you no matter where you are!


Rosalie Crowder AU: Outstanding way to record buyers & provide feedback to vendors. This app has saves me hours every week and a brilliant way to search buyers for new properties.
eOpen is by far the most professional tool; welcoming prospective buyers and obtaining their details.  It is also the most time efficient and effective way to provide clear written feedback to vendors both on a weekly basis and full campaign basis. At the same time you can create your bank of future seller and buyers which syncs with eOne. The $50 per year investment is far less than what it costs to do all the double entry from written buyer inspection sheets (if that happens). I cannot recommend the app highly enough and how easy it has made it for me to record buyers, provide feedback to my vendors and source potential sellers and new listings. I welcome anyone to contact me with questions.


AJ Cochrane ZA: The best way to manage your business, maximise your productivity and still deliver great client service to both buyers and sellers. I really enjoy the new look and feel of eOne and eOpen. Well done to everyone on making such amazing applications. I can only imagine the hours spent on each one. eOpen is such a great inspection tool for the agents.


Peta Laery NZ: The new apps are essential to my business. I simply couldn't operate without them - no other company can compete with us.