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Harcourts Property Documents

Harcourts Property Documents Now Live!


Property Documents enables you to upload documents in H1 that potential buyers, renters and lessees can download from Harcourts websites.


Please watch the following video on how it works or read further below:





The types of documents you can upload are endless but some ideas are:

  • Certificate of Title
  • LIM Reports (NZ)
  • Statement of Information (VIC)
  • Auction Documents
  • Body Corporate / Strata AGM Minutes
  • Commercial Documents
  • Information Memorandums (AUS)
  • Platmaps (USA)
  • Development Plans/Site Plans
  • Suburb Report
  • Offer to Purchase
  • Rental Applications
  • Complex / Estate Rules
  • Office Profile


To upload documents go to a Listing View Page within H1 / Client Login / Property Documents. Click on 'Add' under the Other Document section and you will be prompted with the following options:


  • Client Access - this will add the document to the Client Login.
  • Not visible on listing - this will only show the document within H1.
  • Anyone can download - this will prompt users/visitors of the website to enter their details and they will be sent an email with links to download the document/s. This is great for you as it allows you to identify prospects and manually add them as Contacts to H1.
  • Anyone can request access to download - like the above option the user/visitor of the website will need to enter their details and the Listing Agent will receive an email advising someone is requesting access. The Listing Agent will need to click the link in the email / go into H1 to grant access to the document/s. The user/visitor will then receive an email with the links to download the document/s.
  • Victoria, Australia ONLY (other regions won't see this option): Statement of Information - this is a legislative requirement and should be selected when uploading a Statement of Information document.


Upload Property Document



Once uploaded, the documents will appear under the Property Documents section of the Property View Page which is located under the property description.



Property Documents on Harcourts Websites


Back on the Client Login / Property Documents tab you can see how many Client Downloads (this is downloads from the Client Login) and how many public downloads there have been as well as send/approve documents to anyone who has requested access to download.



Property Documents Tab