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Statement of Information (VIC Only)

HarcourtsOne Statement of Information and Property Documents



Please find below information on how to use the new Statement of Information feature which is available now in HarcourtsOne.
As required by Consumer Affairs Victoria, all listings must include a Statement of Information. The Statement of Information that you can now upload to HarcourtsOne will to feed Harcourts Office and Personal Websites as well as all other portals supported by HarcourtsOne.
To use this new feature please follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the Listing View Page / Client Login / Property Documents / Other Documents and click Add.



Client Login Property Docs


Step 2: Add Document Name and Description / Select Statement of Information then click Upload File.



Document Upload



The statement of Information will display as below.



Display Document


As soon as the document has been added it will be sent to Harcourts Websites and the other portals used by HarcourtsOne. Any updated documents added will override the previous version.



Property Documents

Along with the Statement of Information feature in HarcourtsOne you now also have access to Property Documents. Property Documents allows you to upload documents/files to property listings in H1 and members of the public can then request access/download them via the listing page on Harcourts websites.

Please watch the full video below to understand how the Property Documents feature in H1 works: