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  eOne Video Tutorials: Contact, Task & Listing App for iPhone & iPad

eOne Appraisals Add, Edit, and Manage your Appraisals
eOne Contacts Manage your H1 Contacts from your iPhone and iPad. Phone/SMS/Email right from your device, or add to your iOS Contacts
eOne Contacts Groups Groups can be easily managed from your device, and SMS/Email All in one tap
eOne Listings View all your listings, details, photos and location
eOne Search Academy Settings Search for any Harcourts Listing, Use the Academy website, and change your eOne Settings
eOne Tasks Create, Amend and Delete Tasks, as well as adding to your Calendar and Reminders
eOne Team View the whole Harcourts Team, along with photos. Phone/SMS/Email, and add to your iOS Contacts with just one tap
eOne - Installation/Other Information More information on eOne including installation link


  eOpen Video Tutorials: Open Inspection management on iPad

eOpen Attended Mode See how to add attendee details including quickly adding previous contacts
eOpen Unattended Mode Allow attendees to enter their own details when they visit your open
eOpen Attendees Manage your attendees including Comments/Rating, and how to contact them
eOpen Listing Actions Reports View/email/share Full Reports and Vendor Reports
eOpen Listing Actions SMS Email Easily communicate with all your attendees
eOpen Listings See all 'My Listings' and 'Office Listings'
eOpen Settings Change Attendee questions, your Email/SMS template, and other Settings
eOpen - Installation/Other Information More information on eOpen including installation link


  eCampaign Video Tutorials: use the presentation power for your iPad for listing presentations

eCampaign Learn how to use eCampaign with this quick video
eCampaign - Installation/Other Information More information on eCampaign including installation link


  Harcourts App Store Video Tutorial: use this free app to manage your suite of Harcourts apps on iPhone/iPad

App Store See how to use the Harcourts App Store app to manage all your Harcourts apps subscriptions and installations
App Store - Installation/Other Information More information on the App Store including installation link


Other Tutorial Videos:

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Trusting Harcourts Apps How to get your iOS device to trust your first Harcourts app install